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Karim Georges is a producer who's motto is, "it's all in the details." His passion and background are in music, as his journey began at a young age when he started playing a Middle Eastern hand drum, known as the Derbekki. With time, specifically after he studied Production and Business at Berklee College of Music, his focus shifted away from performing and more towards producing behind the scenes. He has now evolved to producing music, films, and events. He oversees all aspects of each project, ensuring that they are handled efficiently, creatively, and in a timely manner.


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Featured Production

"Katrina Marie has just released a gem of a CD titled When There Is No Color. It should be in the player at any house party or at any happening event where fun music is played. Katrina Marie rocks, rolls, and offers up all kinds of soulful expressions. There is no challenge her vocal prowess cannot meet and there is no style she cannot finesse." - Bill Copland Music News


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